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About Biz Idea Lab

Traffic, Growth and Revenue- as long as these three of your online-based business matters to you, it does to Biz Idea Lab as well. We are a team of optimistic enthusiasts working around the regimes of SEO, Affiliate Marketing, SMM, SEM and many more.  

Starting from Scratch, we’ve been able to put our pieces together to cook some out-of-the-box strategies that can skyrocket your web-entities. As our hundreds of happy clients say- The only regret you’ll have while working with Biz Idea Lab is- ‘Why Didn’t I Find Them Before?’.

Our Services

Blogger Outreach

Good SEO mostly relates to earning quality citations for your website. We’d dig deep into the world of bloggers and webmasters to get 100% white hat, Do-follow links that skyrocket your SERP positions. 

Local SEO

When it’s a local business (products/service/portfolio), eyeballs from the local netizens are the most premium. And we know EXACTLY how to earn those for your local enterprise and keep it flowing in for months and years.

SEO Audit and Consultancy

Before you invest piles of cash after those hectic SEO and Ad campaigns, let’s take a moment to find the holes that leak water. We pride on our SEO Auditors and Consultants in-house, who’ll be troubleshooting your site’s SEO, once and for good! 

Niche Site Building

Do you prefer scaling up ready niche sites instead of building them from scratch? We’ve got a whole team cooking those highly potential niche-based websites. To safeguard our sites, we put the best of our SEO, Content and Link Building men into the blend. 

Keyword Research

Good SEO starts with a good set of keywords. We pride on our years-long experience to mine out niche-specific keywords that rank fast, earn traffic and boost your site revenue up. 

Content Creation

‘Content is King’ and we can’t agree more when it comes to niche sites. Our wordsmiths put themselves on their edge to create state-of-the-art contents that engages and converts cold traffic into paying customers. 

How We Cook For Our Clients

No matter whichever service of ours bonds us with our clients, we devote our secret formulation of working things out here in Biz Idea Lab. Here goes the generic process of work that hardly goes wrong

1. Initialization and Assignment

Once we get to take over a project, we break it down into bite-size chunks. Then, we assign those to individuals who expertise on them both on the macro and micro levels.

2. Cooking Up The Meal

Once a team effort is put together, we get the draft version of the work. It’s then forwarded towards the monitoring team that included proofreaders, quality checkers and, UX/UI designers.

3. Forecasting

Based on the polished copy of the work, we put our forecasting formulas on action to check if it’ll bring on the most value for what our clients are paying.

4. Packing Up and Delivery

Upon given deadlines, we wrap the whole thing up and deliver it to our clients along with necessary reports, documentation, and paperwork.

5. Feedback and Recovery

Not 100% of our clients fall in love with the work in the first place. We, therefore, take those feedback with honor and repeat the whole process over again. And we keep doing that till it puts a smile back on our client’s face.

6. Client support

The task is completed but our relationship with client is not finished yet. We provide best in class customer support for our clients.

Reasons Why We Stand Out of the Crowd

Improved Rank, Traffic and Revenue
  • Smooth and consistent climb through SERP.
  • Great Dwell time and recurring traffic.
  • Strong SEO signals that can’t go wrong.
  • Proven track records of great ROI.
100% White-hat Practices
  • No spammy black/grey hat SEO practices.
  • 100% organic approach towards link building.
  • No push-selling for links.
Brand Awareness At It’s Best
  • Organic approach to outrank brand competitors.
  • Building brand awareness from scratch.
  • Passive, content-centered marketing instead of push-selling.
In-house Expertise, All The Way
  • Task-by-task fragmentation of works.
  • A team of knowledge-hungry enthusiasts.
  • Expert monitoring throughout every phase.
We are Unique and Original
  • 100% unique contents that stands out.
  • Out of the box SEO practices.
  • Constant self-evaluation process for teams and HR.
Strict, No-Compromise Deadlines
  • 99% realistic deadlines, no over-promise.
  • Framing up work schedule as per the dates.
  • Pre-acknowledgement of extension/due dates.
Reports and Paperworks
  • Your business privacy is safe with us.
  • Non-disclosure agreement on demand.
  • Transparent work reports monthly, bi-monthly and annually.
State of the Art After-Sale Service
  • Honest, energetic and intuitive customer support team.
  • Support through Email, Social Media and Phone.
  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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What Clients Say

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